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Nurse’s Statement


Out of respect for the nurse and hospital, I have used discretion with their names.

I would like to point out that my sister was 18 as repeatedly stated. Adults making their own decisions don’t have “guardians” with them.

A Bond Unbreakable

A Bond Unbreakable

This photo was taken four months after my niece was unjustly adopted away.

Even though months had passed, this baby knew her mommy, you can see it all over both of them that they belong together.

The baby was so at ease with her mommy, responded to her voice that she remembered since they once shared their two hearts in one body, babies can sense their mommies.

This visit was in a very uncomfortable law office building, the feeling in the air was extreme anxiousness by the “adoptive couple” as they knew that this baby, no matter the paperwork, wasn’t and isn’t their child.

Undoubtedly, this baby knew her mommy and touched her heart, and smiled the biggest grin being in her mommy’s arms.

This is mother and child…. is there anything more beautiful ?