Adoption: the LAST option

It’s hard to believe that even after all that we’ve been through, I am not against adoption.

I believe in adoption, under the right circumstances.

Adoption should be for children without homes, not homes without children.

Some adoptive parents seem to be too much like politicians. They tell you everything you want to hear and nothing you need to know. If something is truly an act of love, there should be no secrets, no lies, no selfish motives. It needs to be realised that adoption affects so many people, it changes identities and traditions.

Adoption is a severing. Too many people “buy and sell” children every year,  ripped from their families and molded into what the adoptive “parents” want them to be.

They force traditions on them that have no personal relevance. They keep family from them that need. They keep facts from them that they need to know.

This particular “adoptive couple” knew the circumstances of my sister’s situation, and they capitalized to the fullest.

No conscience, no remorse from taking the child that still has no relation to them or business being with them, playing house to hide Katie’s infertility.

Is it really worth completely destroying so many lives, especially that of MY NIECE?

One day she’ll know the truth, and I literally count the days thinking forward to our vindication.

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