A Day of Writing ….

In regards to this adoption case and the absence of my niece, not a moment of the last seven and a half years have been spent in peace.

Every day, I find myself on the internet, writing letters of complaint, doing research, making phone calls, writing to my niece; anything I can do to keep myself from going crazy. I’m so overwrought with grief, sometimes not willing to get out of bed, and trying to find a way to cope with this devastation.

To those responsible, I’m sure it looks as if we’ve given up and forgotten about the baby that was taken from us. Nothing could be further from the truth. One day, my niece will know how hard we fought for her and how much losing her left our life in broken pieces.

We’re fighting an uphill battle, against a once trusted neighbor and friend. Someone who works at a courthouse, under the protection of people who just want this case and our allegations to just go away. It’s funny how every complaint we’ve made keeps getting referred to this office, and that office, everyone playing “hot potato” with the paperwork. Yet, no one has said we don’t have valid concerns or a case.

Never giving up, in spite of all the obstacles. There is no giving up when something such as this happens to you. Do parents of a murdered child ever stop looking for the killer? Do victims of abuse ever stop wanting to bring the perpetrator to justice? No. So why should I just accept that my niece was sold away by someone who had no business being involved at all?

No amount of paperwork in the world would ever convince me that this child isn’t my niece, that she doesn’t have our family blood running through her veins. Until she knows the truth, I will never stop. I can only imagine what she is being told, if she’s being told anything at all.

All this time later, nothing makes sense. How it happened, why it happened. Why so many people chose to look the other way when obviously it warranted a full investigation being that our allegations are severe.

Desperate people will do anything for a child, and I have seen it first hand. The lies they tell. The manipulation. The blatant disregard for any feeling’s besides their own.

Playing house with a child they should never have gotten their hand’s on. Trying to erase us completely, acting as if this child just dropped out of the sky. As if we have no right to love or want her simply because they bought her. I don’t know how these people sleep at night, knowing full well the damage that tearing her away from us has caused. Do they even care what this will do to her? How could any person keep a child away from her mother, her family, her place in the world? Was it our responsibility to fix this woman’s infertility?

So many things go through my mind everyday. I have to force myself to stop thinking about it. Never have I felt fire rise inside of me like I do now, having to deal with such heartache. Always looking for answers. Always asking questions. Always longing to bring my niece home to her rightful family and bring those responsible to justice by exposing their web of lies and deliberate deception.

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