Personally to My Niece, Nevaeh….

My sweet Nevaeh …. we love you with every piece of our hearts. Life has not been the same since we learned that you were taken from us, your rightful family. To this day, we are still suffering, trying to make people aware of how your adoption took place.

Your mom, Samantha, did not just “give you away.” She was scared and taken advantage of by someone who our family trusted for more than 20 years, and a woman who was infertile and couldn’t have children of her own.

So many things didn’t add up with this adoption…the first one being that your mom Samantha never contacted any such adoption office, it was the woman we trusted. A woman who also received an engraved Tiffany & Co. bracelet, and was flown to your baby shower as the guest of honor. Your mom had no counseling and no legal counsel either. She was alone, and after you were taken from your mommy’s arms and given to a stranger, your mom was left more than $25,000 in debt after they took you away.

After your now “parents” found out that we were working to set aside the adoption, we couldn’t see you unless we paid a monitor $75 an hour at a public park, with them watching us the whole time. Visits we had to travel over a thousand miles for, costing more than a thousand dollars, just to see you for 3 hours. We would’ve paid any amount, but every time a visit came near, there were always new rules, and you were never “available” when we could come visit with you.

The photo that you see with a baby’s foot in my hand, is yours. Your “parents” wouldn’t let your real grandparents see you, so I took that picture so that I could give them an idea of how big you were. Your “parents” made the rules that we could not tell you who we were, we couldn’t take pictures of you, and we couldn’t call you any terms of endearment, only the name they gave you, Italia.

Babygirl, let me tell you that you are NOT Italian. You are Puerto-Rican, Mexican, and Norwegian. You have first cousins named Monique, Josiah, and Amador. I am your aunt Elizabeth, and you also have an uncle Xavier.

You also have a brother, named Jason, and a baby sister due this month. Your grandparents’ names are Diana and Bryan.

I spend countless days and nights doing whatever I can to keep our case alive so that one day you will know how hard we prayed and how hard we fought. We have your pictures everywhere in our house, and your mom Samantha and I also have your name tattooed on our wrists, the name your real mom Samantha gave you.

We love you, we miss you, and we feel so incomplete without you. I know that your “parents” are going to do whatever it takes to make this as hard as possible for us to even see or talk to you, because they always have.

Just know, my love, you have your rightful family ready and waiting for you. You are us, and we are you….

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