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Just Some of Letty’s Involvement… Moral Support or Baby Seller??

◾When Letty found out about Serena’s pregnancy, by another neighbor and trusted friend, she immediately went to Judge Gamble and was inquiring about the Home for Unwed Mother’s which he oversees. She then called Serena 5 or 6 times while she was at work, calling over and over. Her plan was about to be set into motion.

◾Serena was staying at another neighbor’s house, Letty and her sons showed up and proceeded to move Serena’s belongings into Letty’s home next door. Serena had no say. She was alone and extremely vulnerable.

◾Letty was the one who initially & continuously contacted Adoption Alliance, and they in turn dealt with her since Serena was not calling them back.

◾Letty literally wrote out a list of “Goals” for Serena’s life in her own handwriting. Sounds like the person in charge.

◾The adoptive couple already had an attorney, they then decided to use Letty’s lawyer friend, Jennifer Yturbide. Letty attended approx. all meetings.

◾Letty arranged and attended the couple Dr. appointments Serena had.

◾Letty took Serena to get public health insurance, knowing full well she was covered under my parent’s insurance.

◾Adoption Alliance claims that Serena chose this couple from a stack of profiles. What a coincidence that the “chosen” couple were friends of Letty’s sister.

◾Letty arranged and attended a dinner with the adoptive couple at one of the few nice restaurants in town, her husband Sal also in attendance. Serena was present for a very short time at this dinner meeting. Letty and her husband Sal stayed with the adoptive couple after Serena left. So what were Letty, Sal, Kimberly, and Frank discussing? The adoption of a child that they had no business getting anywhere near, let alone taking her from her mother and family.

◾Letty works as a court clerk in Douglas County, and she was using county equipment, on county time, Adoption Alliance faxing Serena’s confidential information into Letty’s hands at her place of employment.

◾Letty drove Serena to a hospital over an hour away when she went into labor because she was aware that our mother is a nurse in the local hospitals.

◾Letty introduced herself to hospital staff as Serena’s guardian, even though she was 18, thereby making important decisions that she had no right to make. Letty ignored the repeated requests Serena made for our father when she was in labor and delivering.

◾Letty immediately called the adoptive couple and they went to the hospital.

◾Adoption Alliance violated their “72 Hour Rule” and allowed the adoptive couple to have contact with the baby, although they were to have NO contact with the child or Serena for 3 days, days intended for mother and child to bond.

◾Letty continuously took my niece from my sister’s arms, handing her to Kimberly because “she had a sad look on her face” watching Serena hold her child.

◾In Letty’s possession are all of the adoption documents, they were never in Serena’s possession until our attorney obtained them.

◾Also in Letty’s possession are the hospital mementos; my niece’s lock of hair, baby bracelet, and announcement card.

◾Letty was given an engraved Tiffany & Co. bracelet engraved to “Auntie Letty” by the adoptive couple. Letty called Serena and said “Ooh la la, WE got Tiffany bracelets.” Serena did not accept hers, and I’m certain Letty has that bracelet too. Letty is NOT my niece’s aunt.

◾Letty was given a plane ticket by the adoptive couple to fly down to the baby shower, as the guest of honor. After all, she did set up every detail.

◾Letty claiming to be so maternal toward Serena, did not make sure Serena had counseling or her own representation. After the birth of my niece and after the baby was gone, she politely asked Serena to leave her home, and Serena proceeded to live in her car for a week, alone, scared, and experiencing this enormous pain.

◾Letty called Serena 34 TIMES in the 28 DAYS this adoption was set up. 2 times when she had to sign overlooked paperwork. Once that paperwork was signed, she never called Serena again. And for her caring so much about Serena, she sat with the adoptive couple during future court proceedings, and did not so much as glance at Serena.

◾Letty’s main argument was that my sister was 18. Well if she was 18, she should have handled EVERYTHING HERSELF. Letty claimed to be there for “moral support.” People there for moral support aren’t making calls, setting everything up, receiving gifts, etc.

◾I saw Letty at the courthouse where she STILL works, (how disgusting is that) and asked her… “Set up any adoptions lately?” And she responded, “Nope, one was enough.” She made me sick to my stomach with her conniving, deceitful, unethical, and immoral presence. Hiding behind that phony smile.

◾Letty, handled taking my niece from my sister’s arms and leaving her completely on her own when all was said and done. It is convenient that Letty didn’t handle getting Serena’s medical bills paid, and that the adoptive couple left Serena more than $25,000 in debt, of which her wages are now being garnished. So after these people took her baby, they left her to pay the bill, of which they were to be responsible for. That is UNJUST ENRICHMENT.

◾Letty as a court clerk is NOT permitted to give legal advice, something she told me herself. Setting up an adoption and receiving valuables by the adoptive couple during and after this adoption set-up sure sounds like a BABY SALE to me.

◾3 weeks after my niece was born, and already gone in southern California, Serena called Letty to tell her that my family had found out. Letty’s immediate response was “how did they find out? If they wanna fight, we’re gonna bring out the big guns.” Who the HELL was she to decide who went and who stayed in OUR family? Where was her “love” for Serena then? Whose side was she really on?

◾When my niece was to be taken, Serena wanted to be there, and Letty told her it was too late, so she did all she could think of doing…writing her daughter a letter saying what she believed she should, not what she was really feeling. Letty and her husband went and saw my niece off, Serena once again left out. After all, she wasn’t their family, what did Letty care that she would be gone?

◾Years later, Letty is still in contact with the adoptive couple, reporting every detail about our family to them since she still has access to her county equipment.

Does this sound like someone who was just there for moral support?? I think NOT.