Archive | June 18, 2013

Holding Onto Dear Love For Dear Life ….

Holding Onto Dear Love For Dear Life ....

I remember standing there taking this photo. I was so overcome with emotion that I was having trouble holding my hands steady. I was choked up, couldn’t swallow, and my eyed filled with tears.

This is the first and only time our dad saw my niece Grace.
We have been in a constant battle with the adoptive parents and since they were the ones with the lawyers from the very start obviously everything turns out in their favor.

I remember my dad holding onto that baby for dear life, like he would rather have died than to ever let her go.
He held her close, breathed her in, and tried not to crumble. His was literally weak at the knees. He closed his eyes and I could almost hear his heart breaking. You can see the sorrow in his eyes. They have the same color hair….

I have flashbacks of this very scene in my nightmares.
It’s like it’s happening over and over again. I wake up and have to remind myself that at least that part is over. It’s one day closer that my niece will be of age to be with her rightful family with no restrictions, no limits on the love that we can give each other. No one to break our bond any further…..