All these years I have wanted to ask Lupita these questions, and since she has never been questioned or held accountable, I will ask them here.

I myself, nor anyone I have spoken to about our case, nor the lawyers or judges involved, had ever heard of such allegations regarding the facilitation of an adoption.

I believe they were all out of their depth, the case was “too big” and I believe in my heart that this adoption was the definition of unjust.

Since Lupita had the honors of being facilitator and profiteer of this adoption, I feel that it is only appropriate to point out her involvement. These are some of the questions that burn in my mind that I as well as my family want answers to….


1. Did Samantha call you at any time?

2. Whenever you spoke on the phone, if you called her, where did you call her from?

3. Who called to make Samantha’s appointments?

4. Who drove Samantha to her appointments?

5. Did you make Samantha stay for an ultrasound she wanted to leave from?


6. Who signed Samantha in at her appointments?

7. At any point did you map out Samantha’s life or goals on a piece of paper?

8. What were the circumstances in which Samantha moved in with you?

9. Did you contact Judge Campbell prior to speaking to Samantha after you learned of her pregnancy?

10. How did you find out Samantha was pregnant?


11. How did you identify yourself to Samantha’s nurse at the hospital when she was in labor?

12. Are you in possession of the hospital birth announcement card, lock of hair from the baby, or any other personal items of Samantha or her baby?

13. Is it true you called Samantha approximately 34 times in 24 days?

14. At any point did you use your place of business to make phone calls, send or receive faxes, or use the county computer for any part of this adoption?

15. Were you aware that the intended adoptive couple originally had their own attorney to handle this adoption?


16. At that time did you suggest a lawyer that was a friend of yours, Molly Winter?

17. When Samantha and her parents came to your house to ask for the adoption paperwork, why did you not give Samantha the legal paperwork and hospital keepsakes that rightfully belonged to her?

18. How did you come to possess the paperwork and documents that Samantha signed?

19. Did Samantha receive any mail at your house?

20. What did you do with the mail?


21. Did you receive any jewelry, plane tickets, or anything of value from the adoptive couple?

22. Who paid for the dinner that took place between yourself, your husband, Samantha, and the adoptive couple?

23. Did you and your husband stay and have dinner with adoptive couple after Samantha had left the restaurant?

24. Did you tell Samantha that she couldn’t change her mind after the baby’s first breath?

25. Why did you not call Samantha’s father from the hospital when she was requesting him?


26. Did you ever call Samantha after all the paperwork had been completed and her baby was gone?

27. Why did Samantha leave your house after the birth of her daughter?

28. Did you receive any money from the adoptive couple for Samantha or otherwise while she was in your care?

29. Why did you tell Samantha’s parents they owed you $4,000?

30. When Samantha called you when her parents found out, did you say that if they wanted to fight you’d bring out the “big guns?”


31. Can you explain what the “big guns” are?

32. Why did you take Samantha to the Medi-caid office if you knew the adoptive couple would be responsible for expenses and were also aware that Samantha had medical insurance under her parent’s coverage?

33. Why did you have Samantha use her parent’s medical insurance for the initial visit at the doctor’s office?

34. Did you tell Samantha that she had to be “nice” to the baby’s father to get him to sign the paperwork?

35. Did you ever tell Samantha that she should move out of the area because it was for families?


36. Did you tell Samantha that she had to stay away from her father for a couple of weeks after the baby was born?

37. Who approached who when you found out Samantha was pregnant?

38. At any point, did you ever fill out any paperwork? If so, what kind?

39. What is your relationship with Molly Winter?

40. Why did you feel the need to be present when Samantha had appointments or meetings?


41. Do you have receipts of any kind for the time Samantha was living in your home?

42. How many days was Samantha at your house?

43. How many days was it from the time Samantha came to your house to the time the final paperwork was signed?

44. Who decided that the Carpenters would be the adoptive parents?

45. What is your relationship with the Carpenters?


46. At any point did you tell Samantha that you didn’t want to tell her but that you knew the adoptive couple?

47. How often did you speak to the adoptive couple through this process?

48. How many meetings or visits did you have with the adoptive couple?

49. What was your relationship with Samantha after the Carpenters had her baby?

50. How many meetings or appointments would you say Samantha had?


51. How many were you present at?

52. When Samantha was signing the papers, did you tell her that she could make all future contacts with the Carpenters or her baby through you?

53. You were aware that Samantha’s mother was a nurse at local hospitals, is this why you drove Samantha over an hour away from the nearest hospital when she went into labor?

54. Did you take Samantha for any after care after her baby was gone?

55. Did you have Samantha released from the hospital early?


56. At any point did any of the nurses have to ask anyone to leave the room because Samantha was so upset?

57. Who was there, and who was asked to leave?

58. At any point in the hospital, did you remove Samantha’s newborn daughter out of her arms because you said she (the adoptive mother) had a sad look on her face?  

59. When Samantha went into labor, it was on a week day that you took time off work to take her to have her baby. What did you tell your employer it was, vacation, a sick day?

60. Is it true that you sent your 2 sons over to Judy’s house ( the other neighbor) and proceeded to move her over to your house before she ever agreed?


61. Samantha recalls a telephone conversation where she overheard you saying ” I can’t believe I pulled this off.” Do you recall saying that, and if so, what did you mean?

62. What is your relationship with Samantha’s parents, owners and former across-the-street-neighbors of yours for over 14 years at the time?

63. Since you and your husband borrowed money from Samantha’s parents for a bulk payment on your home, would you have considered them friends at the time you were setting up this secret adoption?

64. Were you aware that Samantha was depressed at any time?

65. Did you take Samantha for any counseling prior or post the birth of her daughter?


66. Were you in the exam room with Samantha at the doctor’s office?

67. At any time, did you ever have to explain any of the paperwork to Samantha that she was signing?

68. Are you qualified to interpret paperwork for another person?

69. When you were present at the meetings between Samantha, Molly, or Janelle; did they address or speak to you? If so, in what context?

70. Did Samantha ask questions or appear to be involved in any way or appear to be actively listening?


71. After the Carpenters took custody of Samantha’s daughter, did you continue a relationship with them? (Nine years later, does she still)?

72. Were you flown down to the baby shower of Samantha’s daughter by the Carpenters in their hometown?

73. Did you ever tell Samantha that you would keep her baby but her husband let you?

74. How did you receive the two Tiffany & Co. bracelets the Carpenters gave you, one of which was engraved to “Auntie Lupita?”

75. Did Samantha accept hers and where are the bracelets now?


76. When you told Samantha about the bracelets, did you use the words, “bling bling, ooh la la, we got Tiffany bracelets”?

76.  Being prohibited from giving legal advice as a clerk of the court, did you give Samantha any kind of legal advice?

77. When Samantha was asked if she needed an attorney, did you advise her that she didn’t?

78. You stated that you felt maternal toward Samantha, were you aware that she was living in her car for a week after this fast-tracked 28 day adoption?

79. You stated that Samantha was 18 and this was her decision. Then why did YOU handle nearly every detail of this adoption?

80. You stated that you were there for “moral support.” THEN WHY DID YOU RECEIVE ANYTHING AS A RESULT OF THE ADOPTION OF SAMANTHA’S DAUGHTER ?




These are just some of the questions. Lupita did something she should hang her down from, instead she holds her self-righteous head up high knowing she destroyed a family. A family she called friends and lived directly across from for many, many years.  


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