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America’s $1.4 Billion-per-year Adoption Industry

“Adoption is a violent act, a political act of aggression towards a woman who has supposedly offended the sexual mores by committing the unforgivable act of not suppressing her sexuality, and therefore not keeping it for trading purposes through traditional marriage. The crime is a grave one, for she threatens the very fabric of our society. The penalty is severe. She is stripped of her child by a variety of subtle and not so subtle manoeuvres and then brutally abandoned.”      ~ Joss Shawyer, Death by Adoption, Cicada Press (1979)

” Adoption is and has always been deeply imbued in classism, as it is adoption’s intent and most often outcome to move a child from lower to higher-class status. This is truer today than ever, as adoption has become a business of finding children for clients.”     ~ Mirah Riben

“Contrary to popular belief, mothers don’t go on in this world after “giving up” a child, enjoying their lives and forgetting the child ever existed.  Even though people would love to think this is true, it’s not the reality of the situation for most of us. Our lives are colored by the traumatic event and we are never the same afterwards. Most of us grieve for years ….”      ~ Jaymie Frederick, professional searcher and licensed PI

” Adoption is the severing of a family, there is no greater pain than the emptiness and knowing that a part of you is out there and you can’t have her….you’re in a constant state of wonder, sadness, anger, love, all in a whirlwind. It unravels you, it is all-consuming. My life’s timeline is separated in two parts: before I lost my niece, and after I lost my niece. Broken, I will long for her eternally….”     ~ Elizabeth, Aunt of Nevaeh



~JOB 24:9

Always Sisters…Forever Friends….

By the time I am able to get to sleep I have spent many hours tossing and turning.

It is the love for my sister and niece that has driven me, the desperate need to give my sister and her daughter a voice.

It’s my responsibility to stand up for what I believe and those I love.

I refuse to let this injustice go unnoticed and I will not rest until our entire story is told.

I hurt.

My family hurts.

I know that my sister has been thankful to me for everything I’ve done in helping her tell her/our story over many, many years.

But a few nights ago, I was moved to tears by a few very sweet words.

She said, “thank you for telling my story because I just can’t find the words….”

She has shared every detail with me, told and retold the story exactly the same each time and I know it so well I have it all memorized. I know how her heart is so broken, I know how fragile her spirit is, I know how much she grieves.

My baby sister, hurting so much, will finally be heard …..


It’s 4:50 am.

I just wrapped up almost 14 hours of putting together paperwork, printing, and putting some of my writings together, writing that has been continuous for 8 years.

A moment before this writing, I knelt humbly on my knees to pray.

I thanked God for my many blessings, things I forget to thank Him for, simply because I’m so often crying out in pain during prayer.

I thanked my Heavenly Father for giving me the gift of writing since I was a very small child, for the strength He has given me to endure such a traumatizing situation.

I thanked Him for the patience He has given me through this dreadfully long 9 years, each day is a struggle. The time that goes by does nothing to diminish the pain.

I told Him I am completely broken, and only He can heal my broken heart, and very slowly, He is.

I told Him I trusted Him, that in His timing, He will make the wrong, right.

God has given me the passion to diligently write, to never give up.

He has carried me through each day, comforted me at night.

Though this has been the most devastating of all nightmares, I can honestly say I have never been as close to my Heavenly Father. I seek Him every day, I pray in the garden, in the kitchen, in the car, in my dreams.

Glory  to God, for His mercy, His  love.

Through God, Everything Is Possible….

~ Good night my baby Nevaeh, Auntie Elizabeth loves you and misses you….I am empty without you…..