Always Sisters…Forever Friends….

By the time I am able to get to sleep I have spent many hours tossing and turning.

It is the love for my sister and niece that has driven me, the desperate need to give my sister and her daughter a voice.

It’s my responsibility to stand up for what I believe and those I love.

I refuse to let this injustice go unnoticed and I will not rest until our entire story is told.

I hurt.

My family hurts.

I know that my sister has been thankful to me for everything I’ve done in helping her tell her/our story over many, many years.

But a few nights ago, I was moved to tears by a few very sweet words.

She said, “thank you for telling my story because I just can’t find the words….”

She has shared every detail with me, told and retold the story exactly the same each time and I know it so well I have it all memorized. I know how her heart is so broken, I know how fragile her spirit is, I know how much she grieves.

My baby sister, hurting so much, will finally be heard …..

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