An Auntie’s Love ….

My Niece Nevaeh,


It’s been hard for me to love, trust, talk to people, go outside.

Since your absence, it’s been hard to do anything that I did so effortlessly before.

Faith renewed, spirit refreshed, after much prayer and trying to look up instead of down.

You are still our baby girl, we all talk about you, wish for you, and cry for you. Every single day.

Not a moment passes that you’re not with us.


One day you will be home, with your mom, cousins, all of the people who are so incomplete without you.

A dream we all share, is to take you out for ice-cream….something so simple, yet so far out of our reach.

I have the box of crayons that we colored with at our last visit.

I have them in my jewelry box, and I take them out and touch them, just to feel where your precious tiny fingers once were.

As I write this to you, I have tears falling down my face, my heart hurts, and I know I have at least 9 more years of this.


But looking at it in a different way, we’re halfway there…. You will be in your rightful home with your rightful family, you will see that you look just like your mommy Samantha, you will know how hard and long we tried.

You will see how terribly wrong your adoption was, and what your “parents” and everyone involved did. You will be able to go through documents, read papers, see pictures.

You are my niece, and I will keep you with me always.

Giving up is not an option, when something is wrong, it must be made right.

I love you Nevaeh, infinitely, and eternally….



Love, Auntie Elizabeth

2 thoughts on “An Auntie’s Love ….

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    • I was so touched and in tears seeing my post on the auntie’s website. I am grateful and I pray that my niece will be in my arms once again , as I am so obviously lost without her….

      With love I humbly thank you….


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