A Typical Day Of Writing ….

desk (2)


This is a typical day of writing.

I’m in recovery and on sabbatical to write part one of this book.  

So before I go back to work in March, I have to find time to write in between taking care of my daily responsibilities. Hence why I mostly write at night, when the kids are fed and bathed and off to sleep.

This is a photo of the dining table in our family room behind the sofa. I sort of took over this table until my writing area was moved to the garage because of all the boxes of paperwork and files, letters, notes, and writings to my niece. I had to design a specific area for me to write, to organize the information for the book I’m writing about the adoption.

I have almost nine years of “stuff” that I need to sort through and put together, and finally printing out the files that I’ve been keeping and seeing the book come to life is a miracle to me.

Seeing page after page, knowing that our story is finally being told and documented is an enormous relief and the weight is being lifted off my shoulders little by little each day.

I go to sleep with it less, I don’t wrestle around the bed quite as much as I used to.

I pray now not with worry, but with faith….


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