Another Long Day

Each hour of the day seems to screech by.

I don’t know if it’s late that I’m getting to sleep, or early.

It’s almost 5 am, and my niece is never far from me. I hold her near in my heart, I never let her go.

Halfway there, nine years until I can be in her life freely, no one telling us how or when. I know the kind of people we’re dealing with, and I’m certain they will make it awful and as hard as possible for us to be in each other’s lives because that’s what they’ve done thus far.

They want to erase us.

They want my niece to be their daughter, and that will never be.

No matter what paperwork they have, that adoptive couple will never look into my niece’s face and see their own. They can only play this charade for so long. They can only defend what they did for so long because the story they will tell and the facts and paperwork say otherwise.

They do not belong to her, and she does not belong to them, no matter what they do, no matter what they say.

God will see to it that they will end up to be the strangers, people that she has seen, but does not know. She will see through them and their lies, their attempts to justify their despicable actions.

These people make my skin crawl.

What horrible people, hiding behind good intentions. They feel they have won.

They have her for now, but we will ultimately have her forever.

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