Archive | August 15, 2013

Goodnight, Love

Praying for you to come home, I know in my heart that someday you will.

Before I go to sleep, you are my last thought.

One more day crossed off on the calendar.

We’re one more day closer.

Sweet baby girl, auntie loves you….


On The Menu

It’s really important to me that my niece have the recipes that are unique to our family.

Dishes that I should be personally showing her how to make. I practically live in the kitchen, and each moment I’m in there, I miss her. I want her there.

So along with photos of our family, she’ll have recipes.

One day, we’ll be able to meet around the table and celebrate over food and Shirley Temple drinks in beautiful crystal glasses and all will be right in the world….

Coming from one of the best cooks in the family, I present to her a menu.

They say the way to a person’s heart is through their tummy ..I agree!