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On The Menu : Gam’s Potato Salad

This is the potato salad that my grandma, Nevaeh’s great-grandma used to make.

It’s a really simple recipe and very delicious.

She used to make it with empanadillas and Puerto-Rican rice. Her meals we always so well put together and there was always more than enough food to go around. She cooked with love and that makes all the difference.




* 14 potatoes

* 7 eggs, boiled and chopped

* 4 cups mayonnaise

* 1 bunch thinly sliced green onion

* 1 can large olives

* 1-2 jars pimientos

* Salt to taste & a dash of pepper

* Paprika for garnish




* Boil potatoes. When cool, peel and dice into bite-sized cubes.

* Boil eggs. When cool, peel and chop.

* In a large mixing bowl, combine green onion, olives, eggs and pimientos. Set aside until potatoes cool.

* Add potatoes to mixing bowl then add mayonnaise. Salad should be creamy but not too much so add mayo according to the size of the batch you make.

* Add salt and pepper to taste.

* Sprinkle paprika across the top of the bowl for garnish along with a few sprigs of julienned green onion slices.



Refrigerate before serving.  


Scrapbook Page: It’s Love


❤     At one glance, I love you with a thousand hearts….

❤     Love hath no measurement in time, it buds and blooms and ripens in one glowing hour….

❤     Love is a passion which surrenders to nothing, but to the contrary, everything surrenders to love….

❤     Love is a power so powerful that it overpowers reason….

❤     The soul is measured by how much it suffers; life by how much it endures; the heart by how much it grieves; and the senses by how much they feel….

Something interesting on this first scrapbook page I made…. We aren’t allowed to tell my niece who we are or give her photos of us, we’re so restricted on everything, at least until she is of age to make her own decisions. I just couldn’t accept that as her aunt, I had to keep that a secret.

So since I had a photo of myself that sort of blended into the page, I put that specific picture of myself in the bottom left corner.

She is entitled to know who I am and what I look like. Just as she is entitled to know that we love her and she was meant to be with us…. Her Family.