Justice, One Page at a Time

The past few years have brought as much confusion as they have brought clarity.

The more I find out and the more I learn about adoption, the less I want to know about it.

Reading through paperwork and depositions, having questions for lawyers that have been no help, people not wanting to talk to us because of the very nature of our case and accusations, it’s been awful. To have so many unanswered questions and so many unethical actions that those responsible have still not been held accountable for, makes my stomach turn.

The judge, or shall I say former judge, no stranger to scandal; Lupita, a court clerk,  facilitating and profiting from an adoption she set up while on the clock; the police, who simply never responded; the DA, look the other way rather than explain such a thing happening on his watch; the court-appointed LA lawyer, no passion, no concern, nothing but a suit; an infertile couple, who showered Lupita with gifts for my niece, there is no nice way to sugar coat that, baby buying and selling are precisely what they sound like. All the attorneys, and the way they manipulate and twist the truth with smiles on their faces. It drives me crazy to think about.

As I get closer to finalizing part one of this nightmare, it’s bringing me a little bit of peace. Seeing the book come together one page at a time takes some of the weight off. Each time I write and check details off my outline, I feel free as I get it out and on paper.  I have a few months left before it’s being sent to print, and as it gets closer, relief.

It’s our side of the story, written to my niece in hopes of her knowing the truth.  For my family, who have had to endure such a thing. It’s especially dedicated to all those that believed that destroying one family in secret to make another was worth it. I want them to know the pain they caused and the destruction that they left behind them. They wanted us to remain silent and probably think we always will. Little do they know they are being written about nearly daily.

We need a voice as much as we need justice.



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