What Goes Around ….

It’s late and I’m tired. Emotionally I feel so worn out. As usual, the quietness of the late night seems the loudest time of day. I seem to go crazy right before bed every night unable to get away from the rage I feel. The emptiness only soothed with prayer.

I’ve been creating a new writing space, since I have all things pertaining to this adoption in a huge ottoman-style storage bench, I need the room to be able to keep everything organized and accessible. I have had to create a designated space for my writing so I don’t spread the negative emotion throughout the house. As I sit here going through paperwork, seeing documents, I feel my blood pressure rise.

I’m not even a lawyer and I’ve put this case together like my life depended on it, because it does. Since the DA of Elliot County turned a blind eye to our accusations, because that’s what Elliot County officials do to protect their own, I’ve put it all together myself. After all, Lupita’s boss’ actions were essentially covered up, so why wouldn’t hers be? She worked directly for him, no wonder we couldn’t get any questions answered; justice denied.

If you follow the money, or in this case, the Tiffany jewelry, plane ticket, and God knows what else, all roads lead Lupita. After all, she was the star of this show. Instead of performing office tasks at her clerk’s window, she was busy setting up an adoption that should never happened. She seems to take pleasure in the fact of knowing that she did such an ugly thing.

Recently, I found out that she no longer pollutes the house across the street from one of my parent’s homes. She and her husband sold their home, separated, and she now lives in a mobile home park. Not that it gives me any satisfaction in seeing her life fall apart, no amount of despair could ever come close to what we feel every moment of every day. Only me taking one of her children and selling him away would make us even, and that is something I could never do. I’m just glad that should I ever decide to visit that area, I won’t have to see her living so comfortably and going on with her life as if she had no part in ripping a family apart. Not so pleasant when that family is your own ….


One thought on “What Goes Around ….

  1. Karma is leasons u r still learning in life, dharma is being one with God!!!! Letty’s karma has only just begun!!!! U picked the most appropriate title for this entry!!!!! I am hoping u r getting very close to having Grace in your life more! Have a good nite!!!!


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