Archive | March 18, 2014

“The Suits”

It’s so terrible having your whole life and well-being decided by some “suit” that sees your name on a file, makes a decision on your life, then you never see them again. Men you don’t even know getting to pass judgment on you, your past, your future, your very sense of self and place in the world. They get to decide as if they are God and what gives them the right?

“The Suits.” The judges, the district attorneys, the flashy lawyers that know the law and how to bend and break it, the police and detectives that are supposedly there to protect you, when in reality they’re there to protect themselves and their own. Then it’s not until years later that you find out about their sins and secrets, immoral acts, and wrongdoings. By then, it’s on court-filed paper and undoing it is impossible. Their connections give them advantages the rest of us don’t have. They can just not answer questions, files are “lost” or buried, they get to get to point fingers and pass the blame. They’re simply not accountable. They get to take advantage of the innocent and their victims get victimized over and over again. How many families have they torn apart that shouldn’t have been? How many times have they made the wrong decision? How many times have they stepped in the middle when they should have stepped aside? How many times did they look away instead of looking through?

Those who “know best” don’t always know best.