Archive | August 20, 2014

Priceless Art

cardpic1 (2)







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The things I cherish have no monetary value. Yes, it’s a blessing that God has provided our family with more than we could ever ask for and we’re very comfortable and thankful. But stuff is just stuff and things are just things. You can buy new clothes, get new decorations for the house, those types of things are replaceable.

I have a memory boxes. Inside my Juicy Couture perfume boxes you’ll find admissions stubs from concerts, plays and movies, post cards, love letters, coins from places I’ve been, things that help to stamp that memory in time.

I wouldn’t matter to me if I had to replace expensive things, if things got broken. It would matter to me if I lost these 2 little cards. I would be heartbroken, feeling like once again she was taken away. 

I always keep her with me and I love having something that we colored together. These little scribbles, shapes, and colors are priceless to me. She’s my niece, I adore her, I miss her, and I need her in my life.



Love: The Fruit of the Spirit

It hurts me so much to think that no matter how many faces she sees, she doesn’t see any that resemble her own.

Everyone wants to know who they belong to and where they came from and I don’t think my niece is any exception.

I wonder if she looks for someone who looks like her, I wonder if she can feel that she doesn’t belong where she is or belong who she is with.

I look at her pictures and she resembles every one of us in some way. The other day, my cousin and I held up pictures of our new babies next to her picture that is on my refrigerator,  and we stood there speechless. They all looked like the same baby!

How surreal it is going to be when we finally reunite. I picture us holding our hands up to one another, how heavenly it will feel to hold her and hug her. It’s amazing what losing someone you love and adore will do to your life and spirit. You have to kind of ‘ work around ‘ what is considered normal, because nothing is normal to you anymore once they’re gone. No one else can replace them, nothing but their return will make the pain go away. It’s like you save a place for them at the table, you buy gifts you can’t give them but you buy them anyway and put them in a hope-chest for safe keeping. That’s what it is, putting all your hopes and dreams in a big box, a time capsule filled with love.

But that’s the thing about love. It goes on and never dies. It endures. It adjusts. It always finds a way. Love waits;  sometimes anxiously, sometimes patiently, but it waits ….