Archive | September 10, 2014

Smile Through the Storm ….

No longer do I take anything for granted. Never have I been so thankful or aware of the blessings I’ve been given. I wake up with purpose, I look forward to the day ahead. Although much is gone, all is not lost. I’m making the best out of this post-adoption alternate life. I look into my babies’ eyes and feel truly alive. My heart fills full and I just want to pour my love out onto them.

I believe God wants me to be joyful while I wait on Him to act, I should not be waiting in misery. He knows my heart and my plight. He knows what happened but more importantly, how it happened.

I will be what I call ‘anxiously patient’ and I will trust that when it comes time to be reunited with my beloved niece, God will carry us through, heal our battle wounds, and help us put the past behind and give us a bright future to look toward.

At this point, I’m just happy and proud that I have survived this up to this point because it has been so very difficult. It’s hard to balance a happy daily life with a sadness that never goes away. You’re happy at the surface, but down deep lies an ache that weighs your heart down.

God’s love and healing makes my heart feel like it has fluttery-little- wings, a sign that He will never leave me and will always take care of me.

He eases the pain, He shines light in the darkness, and I’m never alone because He is always with me.

I’m blessed, I’m thankful, and I always remember it.

Praise God for His mercy and infinite love …. He heals the broken-hearted, and gives rest to the weary ….