Until Right is Right

Several people have asked me how am I able to get through this, how can I keep going.

I stop and think, because I have to. I need to. I can’t imagine not doing what I’m doing.

Do you ever stop looking for a missing child?

Does the need for justice ever dissipate?

Only when the pieces are put back together can anything again become whole.

Sometimes you have to push through pain by not just sitting still and taking it. You have to express it, you have to get it out.

I guess I just want our side of the story to be told and I know as God as  my witness, that I am writing the truth. Nothing is fabricated or exaggerated, I’m telling the story accurately because my niece deserves the truth and I would never lie to her. I want her to know exactly how things happened through precise details that she is entitled to know.

Our hands have been tied in so many ways so I’m going to make sure that I do what I can, which is write and wait. No one can stop me from speaking my mind and sharing my feelings about this situation. What happened to us was personal so I choose to handle it in a personal way. I speak from the heart, I write from the heart. I wouldn’t take the time to make up details when I don’t need to.

The loving comfort and support I have been shown though this madness has been vital. The bottom line is, this beautiful little girl is my niece. I will fight for her, I will wait for her, I will pray for her, I will never give up on her. When we are finally able to have a relationship free of restrictions and ridiculous demands, it will all be worth it.

I imagine my niece one day going through tons of paperwork and documents, and finally figuring out that the people who have her put their needs before hers. They found a quick fix for their fertility issues. How do you take a child from a family that wants and loves them? Why couldn’t they find a child in the foster care system? What a dream that they would get a brand new baby in exchange for buying Lupita gifts, and treating her to jewelry, a trip to the baby shower, dinner, and who knows what else. They came like vultures, smiling while making promises and once the baby was in their possession, all deals were off. They turned into selfish, cold-hearted, out-for-themselves, manipulative monsters. They were and are so difficult to deal with. They make it hard because they want to and because they can. They have been ruthless and they have laughed every step of the way. I’m sorry for their infertility, but you just don’t take a child under such circumstances and try to justify it. Point blank, this was an adoption for profit and one day, that will be clear to my niece. You don’t take a child that has a home and family and try to make her your own little toy and puppet.

I’m digging my feet in to go right up the middle of this all-consuming crusade and my love and hope will be my driving force. No one can take hope from you if you don’t let them and I will stand firm until right is right.


2 thoughts on “Until Right is Right

  1. Keep going !!! U r doing a great job!!! One day she will know how wrong this all was. These ppl will have their story and u will have yours and God knows the truth. What happened after u sent the flowers and ballons ??? Does she know??? Does she get to see her mom @all?? Just a few questions i had after following her story!!


    • I’m almost positive they didn’t give them to her, I sent them knowing that, but I just had to do something, I felt like I was just coming out of my skin that day. ( And every day, really. ) We haven’t seen my niece in about 5 years, after going through divorce, family breaking apart under the enormous pressure of this all, but we are trying to resume our visitation. I have already told the attorney that one day soon all paperwork will be irrelevant, so the people that have her are just delaying the inevitable. They will have no control when she turns 18 and one thing I’ve learned from life experience and tons of research, EVERYONE wants to know where they come from and who they belong to. I’m praying my niece will be no exception….

      I thank you so much for helping me through this, it means so much to me!


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