Yet Another Complaint & More Of Their Demands



These people made everything so difficult, so uncomfortable.

I never imagined I’d encounter such awful people; desperate, infertile people.

Their misfortune was not our fault, why did they have to shatter our dreams to make theirs come true?

This baby had and has a home. They knew she is loved and adored. How could anyone do such a selfish and ugly thing?

How could they ‘forbid’ us of taking photos and calling my niece terms of endearment? That is a different kind of cruel. How do you explain why you would do something like that other than you’re trying to make this child your own, when she isn’t and never will be.

Paperwork doesn’t make her belong to these people. Paperwork will never fill the hole that will be in my niece’s heart, feeling like we didn’t love her or want her. Anything they could to  drive the knife deeper, they did. They made sure salt was poured in the wound. On one occasion purposely putting a note in my niece’s lunch that was “from mommy.”

I believe my niece was a year and a half old. Was it necessary to add that dagger in our hearts? This woman has a master’s degree in psychology and she undoubtedly knew how it would make us feel, as hard as we were fighting to bring her home.

Their friends circling us like secret spies at the tables at the park, freezing first thing in the morning. Had I eaten breakfast I wouldn’t have been able to keep it down.

I describe these people as cruel, desperate, immoral, spiteful, and manipulative. No amount of fancy gifts they gave to Lupita could ever make my niece truly theirs.

I want my niece to know that we, her God-given family, are waiting for her to come home. We reconvene in court in two years, when my niece will have somewhat of a voice. I hope and pray that after she is made aware of the circumstances and truth, she will want to know us, love us, and come home the very day she is of age.


( Written: August, 2006 )

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