Cast of the Adoption & A Few Key Details

My Sister & Natural Mother Of Nevaeh:     Samantha


My Niece:     Nevaeh


The (Alleged) Facilitator/Profiteer of the Adoption & Elliot County Court Clerk:     Lupita


Allegations:     Abuse of position and unethical conduct, illegal facilitation of adoption and receipt of gifts and valuables from adoptive couple as a result of that adoption, abuse of Elliot County Resources resulting in the alleged illegal adoption of Samantha’s daughter, Nevaeh.


We believe Ms. Stamos violated at the very least, NRS. 127.240  ( License, Requirements, Exceptions, 1 and 4 )

1.     Except as otherwise provided in this section, NO person may place, arrange the placement of, or assist in placing or in arranging the placement of, any child for adoption or permanent free care without securing and having in full force a license to operate a child-placing agency issued by the division. This subsection applies to agents, servants, physicians and attorneys of parents or guardians as well as other persons.


4.     This section does not prohibit a person, including acting in his professional capacity, from sharing information regarding an adoption     if  ” no money or other valuable consideration is paid. “




The Adoptive ‘ mother ‘:     Kate Carpenter


The Adoptive ‘ father ‘:     Fred Carpenter


Adoption Agency that handled the adoption:     Adoption Alliance


Person handling adoption for Adoption Alliance:     Janelle Conner


Judges Involved:

Judge Campbell, Judge Gavin, Judge Jackson, Judge: Lake Tahoe, CA , Judge: Family Court Judge Los Angeles, CA


Attorneys Involved:

Jake , Marcy , Molly , Jackie , Doris    ( Nevaeh’s attorneys, names unknown )



Complaints Within or Near Elliot County Addressed To:

Judge Gavin

Judge Campbell

Elliot County Police Department

Elliot  County District Attorneys ( 4 Total )

Jim Gibbons, Congressman

Public Integrity Unit: Carson City, NV

FBI: Reno, NV


Complaints in California:

Diane Feinstein, United States Senator

Catherine Cortez Masto, Nevada Attorney General


* I would like to point out that every person/office we addressed our complaint to told us this was not in their jurisdiction and referred us back to Elliot County. Since it was involving an Elliot County court clerk, an internal investigation would need to be done.



Gifts Lupita Received as a Result of the Adoption : (that we know of)

Dinner(s)  at a fancy restaurant with her husband, paid for by Fred and Kate.

Tiffany & Co. Bracelet, engraved to ” Auntie Lupita.”

Plane ticket to baby shower, paid for by Fred and Kate.



In Lupita’s Possession:

All adoption paperwork

Hospital mementos from my niece’s birth



( Written:    December, 2005 )




2 thoughts on “Cast of the Adoption & A Few Key Details

  1. Make sure that somehow u know where she is bc knowing this crazy couple who stole her they will probably try to move as she nears 18. Also u should try to restablish contact with your niece i know after 12yrs old a child has a say in where she lives just saying! !! Pls make this into a book bc i think it is definitely a story that needs to be told and it possibly can reconnect u , u can self publish these days. Congratulations on your baby daughter. U r such a strong woman !!! I pray for all of u involed especially Samantha


    • Yvonne…. thank goodness I have you! And don’t forget to give yourself credit for your strength, you’re pretty incredible yourself! And keep me updated on your son, I feel like I’m right there with you!

      God Bless you always~


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