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Love & Support From Around The World ….

Getting so much love, kindness, and support from strangers around the world makes my spirit soar. Knowing I am not alone really makes a difference and I’m thankful that awareness is being slowly raised about such a taboo subject. Below are the countries that have been reached, so far …. 


United States FlagUnited States
Brazil FlagBrazil
Canada FlagCanada
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand
Australia FlagAustralia
Philippines FlagPhilippines
Greece FlagGreece
India FlagIndia
Italy FlagItaly
Spain FlagSpain
Colombia FlagColombia
France FlagFrance
Japan FlagJapan
Netherlands FlagNetherlands
Russian Federation FlagRussian Federation
Kuwait FlagKuwait
Argentina FlagArgentina
Ireland FlagIreland
Korea, Republic of FlagRepublic of Korea
Peru FlagPeru
Chile FlagChile
Portugal FlagPortugal
Mexico FlagMexico
Morocco FlagMorocco
Israel FlagIsrael
Czech Republic FlagCzech Republic
Bosnia and Herzegovina FlagBosnia and Herzegovina
Puerto Rico FlagPuerto Rico
Luxembourg FlagLuxembourg
Algeria FlagAlgeria
Ukraine FlagUkraine
Saudi Arabia FlagSaudi Arabia
Nepal FlagNepal
Swaziland FlagSwaziland
South Africa FlagSouth Africa
Viet Nam FlagViet Nam
Zimbabwe FlagZimbabwe
Sri Lanka FlagSri Lanka
Jamaica FlagJamaica
Bangladesh FlagBangladesh
Paraguay FlagParaguay
Syrian Arab Republic FlagSyrian Arab Republic
Ecuador FlagEcuador
Belgium FlagBelgium
Pakistan FlagPakistan
Singapore FlagSingapore
Nigeria FlagNigeria
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland
Bolivia FlagBolivia
Malta FlagMalta
Indonesia FlagIndonesia
Romania FlagRomania
Thailand FlagThailand
Oman FlagOman
Sweden FlagSweden
Slovakia FlagSlovakia
Uruguay FlagUruguay
United Arab Emirates FlagUnited Arab Emirates

Keepsakes: Stamped in Time

100_0970 - Copy


We sat side by side and I smiled as I looked at her, she smiled back at me.

There are only a few pages that we colored on in this journal, but I will keep it forever and hopefully one day, we can sit side by side again, color and paint like we did, and get to know and love each other.

I have said that once in a great while, I take some of the crayons out of the box, hold them, and cry. I think about my niece’s cute little hands and how she held the crayons that I was crying over. These crayons are in a box within the over-sized box the rest of the case stuff is in. The kids know never to go in that box and they know never to touch these crayons. I show them and explain to them the contents of the box because they’re smart and they’re entitled to know.

Picture it in your mind. Me, sitting on the bed, mementos and paperwork spread all around my lovely California King size bed. I have so much to add and put together and seeing it all out is overwhelming. I get a rush of adrenaline and I begin to write. I’m able to find the words. I can explain, vent, ask, and love through those words.

When I look at things like these, special keepsakes, it make me push forward with force. I know I’ll never stop until right is made right. I’ll keep asking questions, I’ll keep explaining how I feel, and writing it out is the best way to do that. Once it’s told, another piece of the puzzle is put into place and I rest a little easier.

I cherish these small mementos with my complete heart and I feel blessed that these moments have been stamped in time … Moments that are stamped in time cannot be changed and are forever imprinted ….