Archive | October 22, 2014

My Wish For Today ….

What I would have done today…. Because I still get to make a wish for my niece ….

I would have gotten up and scattered turquoise and pink balloons through the house. Flowers would be delivered to your school this afternoon. I would be there to meet you for lunch, with pizza, cupcakes, and balloons for your classmates.

After school would have been time spent together, your favorite dinner (hopefully one day I’ll know what that is), and maybe a movie since it’s a school night.

Of course a family celebration and barbecue would be happening on Sunday afternoon. Since this is a milestone birthday, I would have tastefully overdone the decorations. (smile)

The event planner in me would have made sure every detail was perfect; from appetizer trays to the goodie bags. The auntie in me would have pulled you aside and given you the biggest hug, and of course the best present. I’ve literally visualized this day for so long I can’t believe it’s finally here.

Here it is and all I want to do is sit still in the dark and not even speak. I feel tears welling up in my eyes and they just fall one after another. I swallow hard because it hurts.

One day it won’t be like this. We’ll be catching up, we’ll be falling in love moment by moment. We’ll have her to hold.

The most important thing I would’ve given you today was me. The love I have for you fills my heart and only gets deeper. If it takes a thousand years, we will find each other, be able to reach and feel the other reach back ….


Happy 10th Birthday, sweetheart….

I love you so much.





Happy Birthday to My Beloved Niece ….

My little love:


I have dreamed of you for so long.

There’s nothing I wouldn’t give to be with you to celebrate this very special birthday.

We are waiting patiently until you are of legal age to make your own choices and have no restrictions with us, your true family. We can’t even tell you who we are, but when you turn eighteen, it will be a brand new day.

Your mom, brother, sister, cousins, grandparents; everyone is waiting for you….

Today, it will take all my strength to survive. The crying spells have begun weeks ago. I’ve fallen asleep with tears for so long, I don’t remember what it was like when I got a good night’s sleep.

When you believe in something, never let it go. We have never let you go, even though you’ve been taken away.

You’re the missing piece our family, of our hearts.

We pray for you, we love you, and we are lost without you.


Happy Birthday, my babygirl. We’re more than half way there ….



Love Always,