My Niece Will Always Be, My Niece.

I have so much to say that I can’t even write because the thoughts are just coming too many, too fast.

New developments since my niece’s birthday; my sending balloons and flowers opened Pandora’s Box.

I have just been made aware that the people who have my niece have yet to her she’s adopted.

She is now ten years old and has not a clue that she has a whole family waiting for her, nor does she know the circumstances under which she was taken.

I have been absolutely beside myself since two days after her birthday when I found out this crucial detail. I have to sit down and slow down, breathe, and try to explain this madness in a rational way, and I’m going to need a little more time to do that.

I’m need to figure out how I’m going to write this part. Ever since I found that out, I have able to think of nothing else. This only proves what I have said all along; they are going to dress her up and shape her into what they want her to be, while trying to completely eliminate her God-given family.

Their own little doll, their own little lies.



4 thoughts on “My Niece Will Always Be, My Niece.

  1. OMG!!!! NO WAY !!!!! even more reason for u to tell the story by writing a book , the book is something they CAN NOT CONTROLL AND MOLD AND SHAPE, so who does she think the ballons and flowers were from? ???


    • I’m not sure they even gave them to her, I’m guessing they didn’t but I may be wrong. They probably popped all the balloons or let them go and likely strangled the life out of the flowers and threw them away. We’re getting very close to the day when they’re going to have a lot of explaining to do, which is why I had to write this book, so all the answers to her questions would be ready to go. I think God made me a writer specifically so I could write this book, it has taken strength I didn’t know I had and when I write about the specific details I need to, the peace that follows is something straight from God. One day soon my niece will know she has an entire family that is waiting for her and never stopped trying to bring her home, and I anxiously await the sweetness of vindication and the joy of justice. Only when our voice is heard will I ever rest….


  2. I love that u sent the ballons and flowers !!!!! U go Lisa . Pls watch these ppl ALWAYS I fear these monsters will run away with her close to her 18th birthday . I also see u have that covered with the PI license . I just can’t wait until u and Samantha r reunited with her . I feel she is going to finally feellime she belongs when she meets her real mom and auntie and the rest of the family.


    • Thank you so much yvonne ! I just had to do something so I just said “I’m sending something to the door.” They of course called my sister to harass her and tell her that my niece fears “someone is going to take her away” which is a lie because why would she say that if she doesn’t know she’s adopted?

      Their lie is going to catch up to them soon enough and they will have to look my niece in the eye and explain to her why they lied to her about her very identity and kept her family from her. They are just awful people and I hope my niece will see through their deceptions….


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