Special Thanks to Helena Normark at GraphicGarden.Com

bears love

Writing about a topic such as unjust adoption brings out the most deepest of hurtful emotions. It’s hard to put anything beautiful into something that is so horribly painful.

For ten years straight, I have worked on our case, this book, personal letters, a scrapbook of hopeful memories to be made, a time capsule in a beautiful box with ribbon and charms, a family recipe book; anything and everything I can think of to keep my niece close to us and to document this all-consuming, life-altering event.

Journal entries, phone calls, research: I have tried to timestamp every detail.

I recently thought of another way to keep track of all pertinent information in the form of a monthly calendar so the constant efforts being made to bring my niece home will be easily readable at-a-glance.

I have searched the internet for calendars, cards, and graphics to occasionally insert into entries and have found the best designs at GraphicGarden.Com.

I am respectful of copyrights and wrote a personal email to the wonderfully talented Helena Normark, and kindly asked her if I may use her beautiful graphics as I continue to document this unbelievable, non-fiction, fight for justice.

Ms. Normark granted her permission and sent me a sweet response with well-wishes.

With love, I want to extend my deepest thanks to Helena Normark at GraphicGarden.Com for her compassion and support and for allowing me to use her lovely graphics in writing about a not-so-lovely story.


Thank you, Ms. Normark !


bear lovee






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