Archive | December 16, 2014

The Truth Will Lead Her Home; Love Will Make Her Stay ….

Today I had a “me” day, and I chose to use it to work on our case. I spent the day going through a few thousand pages of paperwork, reading complaints, reading the deceptive lies of the adoptive couple. In a quick description, I hated looking at every single page. Hate is a strong word and entirely appropriate.

As my eyes go over each word of this monster that is not your ordinary adoption case, I am exhausted and running on pure passion for my niece. This adoption never should have happened and I wish this was not our reality.

All the work and writing I do takes hours, from the early morning until the early morning. The time just ticks on and by the time I look up, it’s 2 or 3 in the morning. I quickly wrap it up, pray, and hope not to have nightmares.

This afternoon, I got envelopes ready to be mailed to the Supreme Court Justices, I kept track of what I researched today, I spent my day amongst court documents I dread going through. I had to stay calm as this stirs up so many emotions. Candles lit around me, praying that one day we won’t have to go through this any more. I await the joy that will come after all this sorrow. A case is worked on little by little, it doesn’t happen over night, some cases take years and years. Whatever ours takes, we will go the distance.

I was also working on retyping and reformatting so I can add important letters and documents to the book for my niece.

I am tired, my glasses have hurt my fragile nose that is just a few months out of corrective surgery, but I had to push through it. Until we get some answers and our voice is heard, I will push through anything.

The need for justice knows no bounds. If my neck hurts, I put the heating pad around it, if my wrists start tingling from writing for hours on end, I put my sports wristbands on, if I start having anxiety, I pray.

I will continue to stand up for my sister, niece, and family; until it’s right, I won’t rest. I have found strength, faith, courage, most of all, I have found the true meaning of love, loyalty, and commitment. I have learned the pen is mightier than the sword. (Or the laptop keys, in this case.) 

The more hopeless it seems, the more I refuse to give up. I have reached thousands of people all around the world, one by one. I have learned that I am not alone and that so many others feel my pain. I have been given so much love and support, and that support helps me sleep just a little better.

I am determined, I’m a survivor of many, many traumas, and I don’t give up on what I believe and know to be true.

The truth will lead my niece home, and love will make her stay ….