The Truth Will Lead Her Home; Love Will Make Her Stay ….

Today I had a “me” day, and I chose to use it to work on our case. I spent the day going through a few thousand pages of paperwork, reading complaints, reading the deceptive lies of the adoptive couple. In a quick description, I hated looking at every single page. Hate is a strong word and entirely appropriate.

As my eyes go over each word of this monster that is not your ordinary adoption case, I am exhausted and running on pure passion for my niece. This adoption never should have happened and I wish this was not our reality.

All the work and writing I do takes hours, from the early morning until the early morning. The time just ticks on and by the time I look up, it’s 2 or 3 in the morning. I quickly wrap it up, pray, and hope not to have nightmares.

This afternoon, I got envelopes ready to be mailed to the Supreme Court Justices, I kept track of what I researched today, I spent my day amongst court documents I dread going through. I had to stay calm as this stirs up so many emotions. Candles lit around me, praying that one day we won’t have to go through this any more. I await the joy that will come after all this sorrow. A case is worked on little by little, it doesn’t happen over night, some cases take years and years. Whatever ours takes, we will go the distance.

I was also working on retyping and reformatting so I can add important letters and documents to the book for my niece.

I am tired, my glasses have hurt my fragile nose that is just a few months out of corrective surgery, but I had to push through it. Until we get some answers and our voice is heard, I will push through anything.

The need for justice knows no bounds. If my neck hurts, I put the heating pad around it, if my wrists start tingling from writing for hours on end, I put my sports wristbands on, if I start having anxiety, I pray.

I will continue to stand up for my sister, niece, and family; until it’s right, I won’t rest. I have found strength, faith, courage, most of all, I have found the true meaning of love, loyalty, and commitment. I have learned the pen is mightier than the sword. (Or the laptop keys, in this case.) 

The more hopeless it seems, the more I refuse to give up. I have reached thousands of people all around the world, one by one. I have learned that I am not alone and that so many others feel my pain. I have been given so much love and support, and that support helps me sleep just a little better.

I am determined, I’m a survivor of many, many traumas, and I don’t give up on what I believe and know to be true.

The truth will lead my niece home, and love will make her stay ….


2 thoughts on “The Truth Will Lead Her Home; Love Will Make Her Stay ….

  1. Lisa u know i believe it was God who brought me to u that day i saw your add for a writing partner & that led me to here the story. I was just talking about PTSD today and i said to my family ” i have been thru many ,many traumas in my life ” again something in common. U know i told u my son is with my man’s brother in Reno,Nv but we never ever see him not 1 time he is now 17. He recently made friends with me on fb but it is not enough. Can u imagine that !!! Waiting on 1 more yr and then i pray hd will come to us. They have him completely brainwashed against us . He calls them mom and dad and us by r first names. We also have 3 of his full blooded brothers living with us . The whole thing is just crazy. I don’t know if he will ever understand what really happened. The fact that he was stolen with the help of CPS to an infertile brother of my mans. They have only him !!!!! I wish i documented it like u did bc now it is r word against there’s. Keep writing, keep journaling. I believe it is exactly what she needs to read and know .I will follow you till that day.


    • Hi Yvonne:

      I’m so touched by your message and I believe God lead us to each other as well… He works in mysterious ways and I’m thankful to say that He has given us each other to help deal with something so awful. I know the enormous injustice you feel, because I feel it too, and when I say my prayers, I always ask God to mend what was broken and stolen from each of us. The moment this happened to us, I knew I had to write about it, because like you said, the brainwashing is very real and I so desperately had to give my sister the voice she never had. I always say that God made me a writer specifically to write this story, because if I wasn’t already a writer ( not professionally, but privately all my life), I would have had no idea what to do, how I could reach through and shine the truth on their darkness. The woman that has my niece has a master’s degree in psychology which she put to use on my defenseless sister, and God doesn’t like when you hurt His helpless children. I can’t even imagine what my niece is going to feel once they tell her, which I’m in utter shock they haven’t told her ten years later.

      Writing kept me from suicide, I just wanted to die, and the thought of my family all hurting as much and even more than me is still too much, I just shake my head like this still just can’t be real. I just pray to God that before He calls me home, I will get to hold her just once in my arms. My eyes filled with tears as I typed that out, I want to scream and act a fool, and I can’t. I have to maintain, pray, and ask God for the right words and wisdom. I never blogged before, I just figured it out on my own, and now seeing the book come together, justice one page at a time, it makes my heart a little less heavy. It’s never too late to write to your son, words from the heart, even if it’s just a few things at a time, you must tell him everything you want him to know. Just like you told me, it’s exactly what your son, and my niece will need to know. Sometimes the silence is the thing that hurts the most, you just want someone to hear you…. I feel like we’re very much alike, and I have found comfort and strength in this unique friendship. I can’t thank you enough for being in my corner and sticking this out with me, it is a sigh of relief and gratitude…. Have a very blessed Christmas and I hope this new year brings you an abundance of happiness and joy….


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