Archive | December 24, 2014

The Beauty of the Love No One Can Take ….

As I watch the breaking news reports of the traffic and protests mixed with Christmas commercials trying to sell you everything you don’t need, I am simply rolling my eyes at how ridiculous it all is.

There are people suffering, children going hungry; not just on the other side of the world, but literally down the street.

I care not about fancy cars, flashy jewelry, and the endless distractions of Hollywood. I wonder how people do the things they do, why they don’t seem to care about anything, how they ignore ‘the heart’ of issues.

It’s Christmas Eve and before I leave for a lovely dinner in a candle-lit room with family and friends, I just wanted to take a moment to pray and spend with my niece. There’s never a time I don’t miss her and hardly a day I don’t work on our many efforts from paperwork to phone calls (and everything in between) to bring her home.

I am finding a comfort in knowing that no one can ever take the love in my heart, the compassion I have for others, all things beautiful about my spirit.

I take care of everyone, I dote on those I love, and the things I cherish are not materialistic. I am always putting myself to work for the greater good, with everyone from my students, to children, to strangers I come in contact with in daily life. I am thoughtful, I am loyal, I am a devout believer, and I see with my eyes closed, lead by feeling.

Love will always find a way…. it will wait, it will return if it is ever goes astray. Love is everlasting, it is of the greatest importance, it leaves an imprint, it is so valuable. It defies all reason, it is the strongest force. It can change the world, one act of kindness at a time.

It is my hope that my niece will find the love within the pages of this book, love that is documented with these written words. I hope she will find the love that is within us, her family.

Lord, hear my prayer, and may He give us the “want” to still see the joy ….