When She Learns The Truth ….

One thing that is particularly disturbing to me is how my niece is going to react when she finally learns that she is adopted.

I wonder what this will do to her emotionally, how it will feel for her to find out that she has been lied to, that everything she needed to know was hidden from her. Her family, purposely denied our own flesh and blood.

Paperwork be damned, they are well aware that this adoption was immoral, but they chose to put themselves first. They knew full well what this would do to my sister, and her family should we ever have found out. They could care less that they were ripping apart our family to create theirs. They needed a child and they found their solution in a vulnerable girl.

I hope my niece will be able to read trough the lies she has been fed, that she will truly understand that this adoption was an ugly set-up, an awful injustice upon herself, and us, her family. Their money bought her. Their cold hearts and desperation justified their actions in their minds.

We have the evidentiary support that makes it very clear that my sister was taken advantage of. She needed someone who cared about her and her child on her side, she was so young and naïve, there was no way she could have entered into such a contract. She was guilty of being a teenager afraid to tell her parents of her circumstance, nothing more.

So many worries, so many hopes, so many prayers, so many tears; it has been exhausting and has left us emotionally drained.

This thing that happened to us has taken over everything in our lives, it changed everything. There’s never a moment we don’t miss her, or a moment we aren’t seeking out justice. To think that one woman’s infertility could affect so many lives, that she would be willing to do such a horrible thing, all to satisfy her need for a child. I’m sorry that she cannot have children, but what gave her the right to capitalize on a young mother’s fear and pain?

I hope that my niece will get through this with us, because we need each other, because we are family.




One thought on “When She Learns The Truth ….

  1. I could not agree with u more Lisa !!! I think about Samantha at times when I am thinking about my son and i was older than Samantha was by 10 yrs and it nearly killed me and i think How much this has affected her and i know she probably blames herself and i know that daily pain in her heart and what it takes to keep going and the anger that sometimes slips out on innocent ppl Samantha your day with your beautiful daughter is coming ,just hold on a little bit longer strong lady .


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