Archive | January 18, 2015

The Case of Baby Girl S.

This is the true story of the adoption of my niece, our neighbor’s involvement, a couple desperate for a child, and our fight for justice.

This book is being written for my niece, so that she will know the truth of her adoption; and for our family, who have had to endure this all-consuming devastation.

My writing is non-fiction, straight from the depths of my heart, and told in all honesty without exaggerations. It is the running-record of the book I was compelled to write. It is ten years in the making and very near self-publication.

My sister never had a voice …. Well, now she does. With love, passion, and prayers I am honored to fulfill her wish that her story be told, by me, because her tears won’t let the words out.

I am reaching readers one-by-one, as I have no other social media, so if you would kindly post to yours to help raise awareness that would be much appreciated.

I thank you for taking the time to visit my ” Blog to Book ” and I would be grateful for you to follow me on this journey to reunification and vindication ….



In Love & Faith ~

~ BabyLisa