Archive | March 5, 2015

Writing in Progress ….

writing in progressWhenever I write, I get into the zone. I don’t like to be interrupted because it’s like stopping a speeding train. I write when I absolutely have something to say. I don’t ever schedule a time to write, I just write it when I feel it.

Since I have made several serene places for me to sit down and create, a sign was necessary so that I would be given the privacy that I need. (Since I’m always in charge of every thing and every one.)

Decorated with the help of a few of my students, this door-hanger is now hung wherever it is I choose to write. Although this case is horribly ugly, I’m grateful for the many flakes and flashes of beauty I have seen and been given along the way.

I am ever-so-thankful for the many people who have loved me and helped me get through this. I appreciate them for the time and space they give me to contemplate, cry, and create ….