Setting Down the Bricks …. One by One

For me, the best part of writing besides hitting the print button, is the release of the heaviness of carrying around these details. Once its written, it’s on record, it’s explained, it’s addressed, it’s debated. It is no longer just a thought rolling around in my mind.

Once I think it out and write it out, it feels like at least that little part is put to rest. It is one less point to obsess about. When I cross it off my list, I don’t think about it anymore. One less negative thing makes room for many more positive things. When it’s finally out, I can think straight.

Well, the same thing goes for this complaint I was just recently working on. It is addressed to the Supreme Court Justices of Nevada. I feel the documentation I will enclose to accompany the complaint will speak for itself, so I was very matter-of-fact, as to not dance around the issues. I respectfully got to the point, and I feel relieved that our case will be brought to light whether or not anyone wants to deal with it.

So like the other information I want my niece to have, I am also including this complaint because it’s important that she has it ….


Dated:   March 5, 2015


Dear Justice _______ ,


I am writing this letter of complaint addressed to the Supreme Court

Justices of Nevada since ten years of constant complaints to the

Elliot County Courthouse have been blatantly ignored.

Our family alleges that in late 2004, Lupita Stamos, a court clerk

for the Justice Court, did in fact facilitate and profit

from the adoption of my niece while on the clock, from her home,

through doctor’s appointments, meeting with Adoption

Alliance ( Adoption Alliance lost their license to practice less

than a year after our complaint, for reasons they are not willing

to disclose. ), as well as a few meetings with her lawyer friend

that handled the paperwork that pushed this secret adoption

through in 28 days. She also received engraved Tiffany & Co. jewelry,

plane tickets, fancy dinners, and who knows what else from the

adoptive couple. We sent complaints to the judge whom was her boss,

as well as the district attorneys and didn’t even receive a call back.

Ms. Stamos referred the investigating officer to her lawyer and

that was the end of that.

I spoke with the Elliot County Sheriff’s Office recently and I was

advised to call the new District Attorney to ask him

to reexamine our complaint. It’s no surprise to me that I didn’t

receive any sort of response. We have made complaints to

the Public Integrity Unit of the Attorney General’s Office,

Senator Feinstein, Adoption Alliance, the Nevada Attorney

General Catherine Cortez Masto, the FBI of Reno, as well as

countless phone calls and two police reports with Elliot County.

I was advised by each and every one of those offices/officials that

it is an internal case, therefore it needs to be investigated internally.

Obviously, Elliot County wants to just wish this situation away, as

they continue to ignore our complaints. When our attorney filed the

petition to set aside the adoption, I didn’t understand then why all

this wasn’t thoroughly addressed, and ten years later, there is

no closure. I asked Elliot County point blank, if there was no

issue, then acknowledge what Lupita has done and stand behind her.

There are so many red flags regarding this adoption, too many to

list in an introductory letter, but I’m hoping that after all this time,

not to mention what this has done to my sister, her daughter and

our family, those involved will finally be held accountable.

I have enclosed a copy of the original police reports, our family’s

letter of complaint, the petition to set aside the adoption, and the

complaint to the Public Integrity Unit. If you need further information

or if you could offer some kind of advice or instruction, feel free to

contact me.

I thank you for your time and I do anxiously await your response.




2 thoughts on “Setting Down the Bricks …. One by One

  1. Round and round we all go and nobody wants to take responsibility every court says we don’t handel this !!! Here is a thought how about personally suing Lupita !! Have you tried that??? U can sue her for libel and defimation of charcter if nothing else . I think if u went after her personally and won it would open up the case. Research it bc a 28 day adoption is not even legal. Since the adoption agency is gone go after everyone involved 1 by 1 in court . Call the FBI again and again keep filing. Law library? ?? How about a law student at like Hastings college see if they can give u ideas or even help u?? Just ideas I had .


    • Thank you for all your advice and support! I’ve been working on several of these things and hopefully something will come of it… with these things, it takes diligence, a little creativity, and a lot of prayer…. Faith, Love, and Patience… I know God will work it all out …


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