When the Love Overflows, Where Does It Go ?….

When you long to melt your love over someone but technicalities and paperwork keep you from doing so, what exactly happens to that love, and where exactly does it go?….

Does it reside in the most protected place in your heart?

Does it exist only in your thoughts and memories?

Will that love find a way to come to you in your wishes and dreams?

Is that love always with you no matter where you are or what you’re doing?

If that love ever seems to be fading, do you pull it back into your guarded space?

Do the memories you’re most fond of derail your train of thought in a mere instant?

What do you do with all the love you want to get out?

What do you do with everything you feel?

Where do you focus that euphoric energy of true love if the person you adore can’t be in your life just yet to accept it?

Quite literally, when the love overflows, where does it go? ….



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