‘ * If ‘ ….

* If you believe in something …. never give up on it.

* If you love someone …. love them with everything in your being; passionately and intensely for all time.

* If you know in your heart that something is wrong …. don’t rest until it is made right.

* If you have any unfinished business …. fix it so that you may sleep more soundly.

* If you are the only one standing for justice …. rise with more passion each time you are beaten down.

* If you have something to say …. think it out thoroughly before you speak, because words echo in the mind and hurt just as much years after they are said.  

* If people don’t like you …. it only means they don’t know what you’ve been through and how loved you are to those that recognize your worth.

* If your heart is leading you a certain way, follow it …. never second guess your instinct.

* If you’re having dreams about someone night after night even though you haven’t seen them in a long time …. it likely means you’re supposed to be with them in your daily life because your heart can’t let them go.

* If you say something …. mean it.

* If you have nothing nice to say …. don’t say anything at all.

* If you have hurt someone, apologize …. don’t make them keep that burden of heaviness in their heart.

* If you don’t really mean something …. don’t say it simply because it sounds like the thing to say.

* If pride is holding you back …. realize that it has the potential to ruin everything and go all-in to fix it.

* If you ever worry too much about tomorrow …. remember that today is called the ‘ present ‘ because it’s a ‘ gift ‘ …. ” Above all losses, time is the most irrecuperable, for it can never be redeemed. ” (the Tudors)  Every moment is precious, memories stay embedded and withstand time.

* If you’ve been putting something off, get it done …. you don’t know if you’ll miss your chance.

* If you seek …. you shall find …. and you shall find them waiting ….

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