I Still Believe In Miracles ….

Since March 6, so much has happened.

Luxury weekend in Santa Cruz, Andre Nickatina’s Birthday Bash, two birthday celebrations, Easter, planning the Pacquaio Fight BBQ, given several very special gifts, enrolling in four classes at Chabot College, making new contacts, a couple family nights, a few beautiful sunsets; some from a hot tub, late night pool and music hanging out in the garage with my loves, book all finalized how I want it to be printed…. I’ve seen so much beauty in this last six weeks, been showered with more love than most people get in a lifetime (if they’re lucky), I’ve had this epiphany I can hardly explain.

Even though my life has been filled with the most unique and memorable experiences, something has changed.

And I feel good.

I feel blessed.

I feel alive.

I feel renewed.

I feel not so broken.

I feel a peace over me.

I have found a way of waiting for my niece in joy, because I know how waiting in sorrow is like dying a slow death. It’s what I’ve described as ‘the little death.’ A part of me died the moment my niece was gone…. but that gave room for a rebirth. I have survived many horrible things, heard more gunshots up close than I can count, survived a near death car accident, fled a haunted house that I still have dreams about, made it through two nasal surgeries, moved to Las Vegas and back, and a million other things, all within the last few years.

You name it, it’s probably happened to me.

How amazing that though nightmares haunt my sleep, I will choose to live, to love, to be thankful, and I’m just happy that after all this, that, the other, and the etcetera, I STILL believe in miracles….

One thought on “I Still Believe In Miracles ….

  1. Girl, I was wondering what happened to u ??? Glad to see well u have found may I dare say someone who has changed your life a little bit , enjoy yourself u deserve it. I am happy 4 u !!!!!


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