A Candle and a Prayer ….


Last night, right after midnight, I began to make a card for my niece. Something more I will add to her Hope Chest, heartfelt wishes on specialty stationery written in calligraphy style writing. I stayed in prayer all day, trying to get through another day, as if this one were any less painful than all the others.

I’m a candle collector, having gotten candles from around the world and close to home as well. I feel a great peace when I am surrounded by them, so nearly on a daily basis I have one or more burning.

Tonight, just before midnight, I said one more prayer to wrap up the day that brings us one day closer to having our baby back in our lives. This candle was the perfect added touch to my everlasting prayer of being reunited with the little girl who has all of our hearts.

A beautiful little cake with a raspberry on top, the flame so bright and meaningful, I felt the tears running down my face and the ache of her absence deep in my soul. I so anxiously await her return, and I’m thankful that we’re that one day closer. One day may not seem like much to some people, but one day for us is like a lifetime.

I miss her. I love her. I wish there were more words to convey the depth of the emotion behind those few simple words.

Happy Birthday to my sweet love …. your family is waiting in hope, and in love ….

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