Babygirl, Meet Your Pappy ….


A couple of days ago, I was cleaning out some old boxes. I came across a CD case I used to have in the days before Rhapsody.

A lover of road trips and always the DJ, the music is my favorite part. I had already decided to dump all the CD’s because I didn’t want to go back to any of those places that those particular pieces of music led me to or through.  I just wanted to thumb through it once just to look for my friend’s album ( which, thankfully, I found. My dear friend is the lead singer/guitarist/drummer of 3D: Thrice Denied. The same friend literally sang me through the most horrible moments of this heartache. She has also seen firsthand what this has done to me in particular, and can definitely vouch for me that this dreadful situation changed / took me).

I got to the last page and gasped.

I found this picture.

It is one of only a few pictures of my dad and our Babygirl.

The same eyes and the same hair color …. two hearts with the same beat ….

We lovingly call him Pappy, Pap for short.

The love this man has for this child in his arms is immeasurable.

This is grandfather and granddaughter, and simply, it is beautiful ….

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