Back In Touch …. Remembering What I Love ….

I love hearing the rain as it falls in the hours before the sun comes up …. never a bed more plush ….

I love being picked up completely off the ground and embraced …. protected, so safe, wrapped in what magic makes ….

I love when I feel that gaze; pulled by passion plus love, times chemistry …. a rush in all its mystery ….

I love the city lights, the moon so bright …. stars close enough to touch ….

I love miles traveled around the world, smelling the flowers in bloom …. a stack of books, a lover’s dance ….

I love feeling the energy of kindred spirits, soul to soul through Divine touch …. up all night, the “baddest” bunch ….

I love rediscovering everything that made me once feel so free;   …. I will wait not in sorrow, but in hope and belief ….


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