Archive | January 15, 2016

Memory Boxes ….

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve kept a ‘ Memory Box. ‘

I don’t know where I got the idea or why I started doing it.

Ever since I was really little, I have put away small mementos in pretty boxes. I don’t let anyone go through them and I believe I’ve only shown them to those close to me a handful of times through the years.

Every piece in the collection represents a beautiful memory stamped in time …. movie ticket stubs, concert tickets, wristbands for resorts and private parties, greeting cards and love notes, poems I was given, coins and money from around the world that I’ve collected through my travels. Even the box itself was a present, my favorite fragrance Juicy Couture. Photos are in frames and albums, these boxes literally hold the memories of my heart.

Since I get wheeled into surgery yet again Monday morning, I spent the day drifting on memories. After the last three surgeries I’ve had, I stopped breathing as I was coming out of anesthesia. Though briefly, it is no less terrifying. The thought of the operating room is cringe worthy in itself and I know I’ll be on edge until late next week. You never know what will happen, so I thought no time like the present to share this special and personal side of me that is usually kept in a guarded place, with my niece. This is a rare glimpse into my memories, my dreams. At the end of the day, I’m a mere mortal, led by love and survived through passion, and tough as I may be, there is a softer side to me.

I’m not much into material things. The way to my heart isn’t through ‘ things ‘ and price tags are irrelevant. The way to my heart is the ‘ feel ‘ of a moment I will never forget. Simply described; it’s a moment you can see when you close your eyes …. it’s like you’re in that beautiful moment all over again.

The contents of these boxes are those moments.

I pray that one day, I will have a whole separate ‘ auntie ‘ memory box. God willing, all this will work out and the hurt will be replaced with euphoric joy.

( Sigh here …. )

Oh, the things that one dreams of ….