A Moral Absolute.

So many things happen to one in one’s lifetime.

Memories cherished, mistakes made, lessons learned, goals accomplished, milestones reached …. changes, loving, learning, growing …. It’s life, and it is made up of a million decisions.

There are some things that happen that are forgivable.

This situation with my niece, my neighbor, and this conniving couple is definitely not one of them.

There is no explanation that would ever make sense, no apology that would ever suffice. 

There are certain things in life that you just don’t do.

They are moral absolutes.

This is one of them.

You don’t sell your neighbor’s baby off, especially for profit of any kind; is she insane or just inhuman?

You don’t use your own infertility as an excuse to take advantage of a scared, young, and vulnerable girl. You back her into a decision that you knew full well she should not be making on her own, knowing she wasn’t capable enough to make such a decision. ( But more than capable with family support, as we all are in any given situation ).

You don’t sneak an adoption past a family that would have held on to their baby with both hands, ( which they all knew ) had they just been told. You met purposely in secret. You planned your happiness in the face of another’s demise and duress …. Tsk … Tsk … Tsk … Shame on you, shame on you, shame on you. One day, you will look into the face of that child and explain why you did this in such a brutal fashion. Why you made sure you twisted the knife that you helped stick in our backs.

Serious allegations, backed by paperwork that has yet to come to light.

The clock ticking ever so slowly, but it is ticking. It feels like a bomb with a very long fuse.

I don’t get how such a small group of people could have left this disaster behind them and not even blink an eye. It’s appalling and it makes me so angry. It hurts more than anything I have ever been through, any of us have been through, or will ever go through.

Nothing could ever make this right.

Nothing would make it fair.

It was wrong in every way.




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