Archive | February 15, 2016

The Every Day Valentine

Any one who knows me will tell you that I adore those I love. 

I am a natural caretaker, I do things with tender care, and I dote on those who make up my heart’s tapestry.

I’m known for surprises all year round, not just specified calendar dates.

I usually make cards, leave love notes, write inscriptions in books I gift, everything is done with a personal touch.

One of the things I’m famous for is my Valentine’s Day surprise. Whether it’s a candlelit picnic under the moonlight by the lake complete with strawberries and whip cream on a beautiful blanket with tons of throw pillows and sparkling cider, or a night at a charming, off-the-map bed and breakfast, I always go over the top. As the years go by, it seems like I go bigger and bigger and I couldn’t love it more. It brings me joy to pour my love on the ones who hold the keys to my heart.

Although I celebrate Valentine’s Day, it really is just another day. By the time the rest of the year goes by, I’ll have done at least 25 more things to take my lover by surprise. I have always said that in love, Valentine’s Day should be every day, not just one calendar day a year besides your anniversary that you go out of your way to keep your loverboy/lovergirl falling in love with you.

Since everyone knows I do a big production, it wasn’t at all shocking to me that quite a few people asked me ‘ so what do you have planned this year .’ When I spilled the details, the usual reaction of oohs and ahhs made me blush. But it’s nothing like what I have planned for the weekend of the first day of Spring…. The discussion that followed was how much I love to do things that keep life not just rolling along but making memories that make the world disappear. I do things that people have never even thought of doing. ( I consider it a gift. ) Several of the girls said they would have to start stealing some of my ideas and they never thought of Valentine’s Day being every day. Why do you have to wait for one day in February to let someone you love know how much you really love and care about them? Why can’t Valentine’s Day be next Monday night?…. Or all next week?….

I’ve been given some really cute nicknames in my life, but I do have to say that when I was addressed as ‘ the every day Valentine,’ it touched my heart in a beautiful way. It made me feel good that I was seen for the lover-at-heart and hopeless romantic I really am.

I love hard and deep at all times, giving a rush and getting butterflies, that love becomes an energy all its own. Even after all this pain and heartbreak, I am still a master lover, and I’m grateful for that. This hasn’t taken my dreams of love or my talent for the unique and mysterious.

It hasn’t taken my ‘ lets fall, and fall, and fall in love ‘ outlook. I consider that a miracle. It proves that love can overcome all things, any obstacle ….. It feels good, it stays with you, it renews you …. It keeps you going, even when you don’t want to. When things get to be impossible and the weight of the world is crushing down on you, it helps you float away above the clouds, into a place where nothing can take away from its sweetness. It’s like paradise, you get lost in the pleasure zone….

Love needs to be watered in order to flourish. It needs a caring hand, gentle touch, rough and tumble play …. Love is everything, every minute, every day …. Passion, love, excitement …. Surprises, kisses, heart-to-heart hugs, playful gestures of endearment by day, cuddlebugs by night, love is so important. It heals the aching heart, a lover’s touch can make all the pain go away, even if for a moment.

Love…. live by it …. Every day, not just one day….



~ The Every Day Valentine