The Definition Of – ‘ Miss ‘ ….

Today, I smiled to myself, probably blushing as I recalled a love so deep that it made all of my senses light up at once.

This rush of emotion was exactly that …. a rush.

It reminded me that no matter what breaks your heart or causes anguish, the rush of love can make that blur into oblivion and fade away.

It also got me thinking about what it means to miss someone.

Curiosity got the best of me, and I found myself looking up the actual definition of the word Miss in the dictionary. To make a long story short, under the word Miss, this is what I found ….

Miss – absence, loss, an act or fact of missing in being without, to perceive with regret the absence or loss of ….

All of that seems pretty accurate, but in my opinion, there should be a whole separate dictionary for matters of the heart. When the heart is involved, the meaning of words change, the perception of words change. The heart will overpower doubt, reason, uncertainty, and fear of the unknown. Its like the heart has its very on language, its own signs and symbols, traditions, and superstitions.

I rolled the dictionary definitions around in my mind and I thought something really important was left out of the mix. I thought, to me, to miss, means ” to long for .” Simple, but one of the most meaningful of all the ways to describe the word Miss. When you miss someone or some thing, you long for it. Your heart and your mind both feel the absence.

The way I miss my niece certainly fits the ” textbook ” definition of the word. But according to my heart’s dictionary, it describes a longing …. a  ‘ close-your-eyes, freeze-time, cashing-in-all-your-wishes, love you, need you, longing ‘….

With every beat of my heart, I definitely miss her …. without question, I long for her …. deeply and truly ….





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