Right Now …. This Very Moment ….This Very Day.

I can’t remember me before there was you ….

I never understood what mattered, really and true.

A baby girl taken and with her my heart floated away.

Pleasure and paradise, then didn’t know night from day.

Real life heartache took the sparkle from my eyes, to my knees I instantly fell.

In the night, emotion makes my body shake, I wrap around him so the world won’t spin.

He knows I need to hold more than to be held,  he entwines our fingers over his heartbeat.

Eyes fighting back tears …. I wish it away …. I wish it was over ….

Right now …. this very moment …. this very day.

Tears flow down my face …. I get choked up, can’t breath, and sigh.

The time drawing near, their dark secrets soon to be drenched in the light.

Will rest ever find me, ever again, ever at all?…

I keep hoping …. never stop dreaming ….

I await her embrace …. no such thing as too late ….

In my life, my family is my meaning …..








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