The Part Of My Life That Is Just For Me.

I have always valued my privacy beyond explanation, beyond reason. I’ve guarded it fiercely.

Twitter, no …. Facebook, nah …. What’s a Snap Chat?

Pointless distractions, posting every detail, every thought for the universe to see. It seems so desperate for attention, so desperate for validation. Nothing I do have is under my ” real name ” and I only write and do research. I like live interaction, real life.

I am sought after by so many people that I have to split my time wisely so that I still get to spend time with myself every now and then.

It is nothing new for me to disappear for a few days, without a word, without a trace. And I hardly realize that I did that until thinking it out as I write it out.

I have dear friends no one has ever met, I am welcome to stay in the middle of the night with my connections in every city and all I have to do is tap on the window or find my hidden key.

I keep a whole part of my life that is just for me, that I rarely talk about. When the sun goes down, that’s when all the love, excitement, adventures, and euphoria begin.

I give every thing to every one else during the week, the weekends are strictly for the unique and extraordinary. For hidden trails in the hills, for by-invitation-only Raves where you literally enter through a trap door in the ground where no one would ever suspect it existed or imagine the wild kingdom going on beneath. I’m a lover of the things no one thinks of, I’m a lover of giving a rush, a lover of making memories.

I will never tell you where I’m going, but I’ll tell you where I’ve been. I’ll tell you how great it was, whenever I get back. That’s just how it goes.

Unless you’re with me, you don’t know where I am. And I like it that way.

Only those in my trusted circle of friends and lovers get to ride along, that is, if I choose to not go alone.

Throw some bags in the car, too many shoes, a makeup case, snacks, sunglasses, music…. sometimes not even a destination. If you want to feel free and experience  dreams-come-true, I’m the one you’re looking for.

I don’t have any social media besides this blog, and that is only because this blog is quite necessary.

One of the things that I absolutely despise is that our story is under the

category of  “must be told. ” If none of this happened, none of us would exist on this thing called the internet. And since I am compelled to share our story, I have no choice but to add personal details so that we can be seen as people and not just names on a case file in some courthouse storage room.

This adoption has violated us in too many ways to count, and I would give anything to get all of our privacy back. We’re just ordinary people who had something extraordinary happen to us, now our lives on display, for all to see. So that being said, I won’t feel ashamed, embarrassed, or uncertain about sharing some personal details of my life, and my private life; but only from time to time.

I love long-hand letters, I love face-to-face encounters, reading together in bed all cupcaked, heart-to-heart, touch-to-touch, eye-gazing, star-gazing, my energy exchange is famous in its own right, and its brilliance only comes out in the darkness of night ….

So the part of my life that is just for me, for my niece, I guess the world can see ….


2 thoughts on “The Part Of My Life That Is Just For Me.

  1. I am back !! I was locked outra my email for a bit,but got back in so glad to see u r still here. Let me tell u this girl i love what you wrote here sounds like fun u live a very exciting life and u sound like u know when to have a party!!!


    • Hey love! ….

      Literally an hour before your message arrived, I was writing and I thought to myself … I wonder where Yvonne has been?…. She always keeps in touch with me …. then your message arrived! lol … So good to hear from you and I hope all is well…

      ….This is a big year…. This November we go back to court and my niece will finallllly get all the documentation and she will finallllly be told she is adopted, who we are and the circumstances of all this BS. ( because that’s what it is, I’m so tired of sugar-coating it )

      You’ve been on this journey with me for quite some time and I’m so grateful you’re still here…. ❤


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