Archive | May 20, 2016

It’s Personal.

Lupita. I want you to know that I pray that I haunt your thoughts for your entire existence. I hope you hear my sister as she wept, cradling her child that you promised away. I wait for the day when you see our family that you tried to destroy, whole and complete again. All of our family members intact.

Lupita’s now  ex-husband. I hope you hear my voice as when we last spoke, filled with agony and despair. I wish you the unrest that you bestowed upon us, once your neighbors and friends. We took care of you in your hours of need, you and your despicable family. You could never stand up to your wife so no wonder you buckled under her manly fist.

Adoptive Couple. I hope that you get in return all that you did and all that you took from us. You had NO RIGHT. You used the system and you used my sister and you ought to hang your heads in shame. You have suffocated the life out of us and I await the glorious day when you will swallow your own medicine.

The lawyers. The so-called judges. What a joke. May the carpet yank you down with it when it comes out from under you.

Only death will stop our fight for justice. We will not just go away. Not ever.

Don’t any of them know ….. it’s personal.