Some Things Are Worth Waiting For ( And They’re Usually The Best Things)

worththewait (2)

Today, I came across this card dated November 19, 2005, 5:34 pm.

I didn’t read what I wrote inside because honestly it is just too painful.

Just holding it made my hands shake.

I truly believe that some things are worth waiting for and what I love the most about this beautifully simple card is the way the little fairy is sitting.

I find myself sitting in the same pose on the beach, up on the hill, at the park, at our million secret Bay Area spots, in the Bahamas, in Acapulco, in Puerto Rico, all around the world. In the turmoil of the chaos, I have the same look of peaceful patience …. watching the clouds, the birds, the sky, the waterfalls, and especially the butterflies ….

Love is the strongest force and it can survive the impossible.

I will wait in love, in joy, in faith, in peace, in patience …. and I’ll wait as long as it takes …. Because dreams really do come true, and the light will always shine in the dark to light the way ….


I love you my sweet Babygirl….





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