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I escape into art.

It helps calm my spirit and inspires my creativity.

I paint.

I write.

And I dance.

I’m in my black bottoms that say ‘ Boss ‘ on them, a white wife-beater, and Adidas, feeling so free. This level of ‘ feel good ‘ is definitely worth sharing because something has come over me in such a way that is taking my breath away. 

Right now, this moment, I’m floating in the clouds. I’m going over choreography that will keep me in a state of euphoria until at least 4am. There’s no better feeling than that of getting lost into beautiful and sensual music, under the watchful eyes of a lover, going over each step, for hours, until it flows perfectly. It is incredibly intense.

I feel exhilarated.

I feel safe.

I feel loved.

I feel lovely and delicate, cleansed of sin, forgiven for hate.

I feel whole, as though time has stopped.

Note to self : …. love, music, dance, and energy can help put a broken heart back together ….


Tonight, Love Wins. 

Tonight,  for the first time in about ten or eleven years, my mother finds all of her children under one roof. 

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for not forgetting about us ….