I escape into art.

It helps calm my spirit and inspires my creativity.

I paint.

I write.

And I dance.

I’m in my black bottoms that say ‘ Boss ‘ on them, a white wife-beater, and Adidas, feeling so free. This level of ‘ feel good ‘ is definitely worth sharing because something has come over me in such a way that is taking my breath away. 

Right now, this moment, I’m floating in the clouds. I’m going over choreography that will keep me in a state of euphoria until at least 4am. There’s no better feeling than that of getting lost into beautiful and sensual music, under the watchful eyes of a lover, going over each step, for hours, until it flows perfectly. It is incredibly intense.

I feel exhilarated.

I feel safe.

I feel loved.

I feel lovely and delicate, cleansed of sin, forgiven for hate.

I feel whole, as though time has stopped.

Note to self : …. love, music, dance, and energy can help put a broken heart back together ….


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