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One Day It Will Be Tomorrow….

My mind has been so busy with thoughts swirling around like a tornado.

This thing has grabbed hold and won’t let go, no matter how much I kick and scream.

This is the hardest it’s been since it all started.

Not like it has ever been easy, but there have definitely been more anxiety-filled days than breathable ones.

We never know day by day what will happen…. if the phone will ring, if papers will arrive, if a sound or a smell will trigger tears.

This time, I have been all choked up, and at a loss for words for 8 weeks, today marks that particular Sunday.

Something happened that night and I literally still feel like I’m going to just pass out. I’m sitting at the pub table that’s in the family room, feeling like I need to hold onto this chair and close my eyes and breathe. So I’m doing all that I can do…. writing and praying…. candles, music.

I was with my son, having just enjoyed a road trip to drop him off at his first deployment station, and just had our first dinner together since he graduated from Navy boot camp. I picked up my phone, opened the text message, and saw my beautiful niece. I felt the air leave my body, I felt flushed, I swallowed hard, and put my hand over my lips, as if any words were even able to come out. My eyes filled with tears.

There she was.

My niece.

My love.

My longing.

So grown up, 14 years old. I was speechless.

There is such a close resemblance between my niece and my sister, I just stared, squinting my eyebrows and shaking my head. In that moment, I experienced so many emotions, I thought so many things, I can’t even describe it.

Where the time went, I don’t know.

How much time do we have left to go, I don’t know.

Which way is up, which way is down, I don’t know.

I hope, that it will all be over soon.

I’m so ready to put this behind us, reunite, and never look back.

I’m ready to heal, I’m ready to be happy.

I have trusted in God every moment of every day, and I can’t imagine a just God allowing this to have an ending that isn’t right.

The pressure, the pain, the wonder, the confusion, the rage, the frustration…. I want it gone.

Our yesterdays were taken with blunt force, I want the tomorrows filled with love.